Henry Weinfield: History & Forms of Lyric Lecture

Henry Weinfield is a poet, translator, and literary scholar. His most recent collections of poetry are A Wandering Aramaean: Passover Poems and Translations (Dos Madres 2012) and Without Mythologies: New and Selected Poems and Translations (Dos Madres 2008). His most recent study is The Blank-Verse Tradition from Milton to Stevens: Freethinking and the Crisis of Modernity (Cambridge 2012). His verse-translations include a version, with commentary, of the Collected Poems of Stephane Mallarme (University of California Press 1995) and (with Catherine Schlegel of Notre Dame's Classics Department) a translation of Hesiod's Theogony and Works and Days (University of Michigan Press 2006). He is also the author of The Music of Thought in the Poetry of George Oppen and William Bronk (University of Iowa Press 2009), The Poet without a Name: Gray's Elegy and the Problem of History (Southern Illinois University Press 1991), and many poems, essays, and articles.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014
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The History and Forms of Lyric Lecture Series and the Program in Poetry and Poetics